Greek Onoma: All your Greek Namedays and Easter Dates in one simple to use application.

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Application Packed Full of Names

Greek Onoma (GO) provides you with access to a comprehensive database of approximately 2000 Greek names. "Onoma" is the Greek word for "Name".

  • Easter Made Easy

    Along with providing a complete list of names and their associated celebrative dates GO includes a forward calendar that calculates the Greek Orthodox Easter date for any given year.

  • It's all Greek to me

    GO can display names in Greek. Along with the English spelling of the name there is now the ability to view all names in Greek.

  • Designed for You

    GO provides a user-friendly and interactive interface through the use of colours and labels. GO also allows you to tag or set reminders for your favourite names ensuring you won't miss a celebration ever again.

GO has you Sorted

Greek names can be viewed Alphabetically or by Date. If you need to find a specific name or names then GO has you covered with a built in search function.

Prefer New or Old?

Take your pick, Gregorian or Julian. Gregorian (aka New) calendar is the most commonly used calendar however you can also use the Julian (aka Old); the decision is yours.

My Favourite Names

Compose your own list of favourite Greek names that way you will never again miss that important name day celebration. If you love GO and want to thank me, simply rate my app.

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What's so Good About GO?

The primary goal of GO is to provide its users with an application of convenience. The convenience of having all things relating to the celebration of Greek names and Easter at your finger tips, but don't just take my word for it....

"Works great...a must have if you don't want to miss that important name day." - CaptainKots

"Very informative and easy to use. Great work." - Mazza_n


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